Jade Vine by Saffron & Co. Designs

Jade Vine is a line of Saffron & Co. Designs. Jade Vine brings you fashionable, uplifting, and beautiful designs to celebrate the different seasons and holidays throughout the year.

Saffron & Co. Designs was created after being overwhelmed with medical bills. I didn't want to be spending the next few years paying off debt and delaying the adventures life had for me. Many people say that you should work in something you love and that you're passionate about, and designing pieces of clothing and home decor became my new journey. Even as a child, it was predicted at my preschool graduation that I would become a fashion designer, so this seemed the likely course.

Everyday after my day job I came home and worked till the wee hours of the morning on designs, study the industry, testing new methods, teaching myself new skills. I may not have models wearing my designs walking down a runway at fashion week, but I get to make unique designs that everyone can have and find joy in.

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